Artist Statement

Natalie Very B. is an award-winning Polish-Canadian illustrator and muralist.

As an immigrant who for many years did not feel like she belonged anywhere, she found solace in painting colourful landscapes inspired by the soothing quality of nature in Canada: her real home. Natalie’s public murals depict peaceful scenes of Mother Nature’s harmonious coexistence and are intended as “safe places” for the community.

Art services

Digital Illustration

illustrations for personal use:
- greeting cards and wedding invites

- custom pet and family portraits

illustrative services for brands:
- logos
- company portraits
- social media assets
- licensing of pre-existing artwork
- book illustration, posters, cd covers, apparel, beer labels, and anything else you can dream up!



Designed custom.
every. single. time.
I will work directly with you to create the perfect project for any space.

private murals (hand painted garage doors, exterior walls, interior walls)

commercial murals (hand painted interior and exterior walls, windows, or vinyl wraps for brands and companies)


Consultations for artists

If you're an artist who is fighting with artist block, feeling lost in your style, needing advice on entrepreneurship or mentoring in developing your artistic career, this is an option for you!

one-off: $150 per 1h consultation

commitment: $100 per 1h session
monthly, 3+ sessions



Toronto Art Therapy Institute: DTATI /2022

Ontario College of Art and Design University:
BA in Illustration / 2016

Toronto School of Art: Fine Arts Diploma / 2012

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design:
Foundation in Visual Arts Diploma / 2011


Reach out  if you are looking for any of the following (or maybe something else!) services:

- custom illustration for personal use
- illustrative services for individuals, companies and brands
- licensing pre-existing artwork
- custom exterior and interior murals

-custom paintings
- artist mentorship
- wholesale orders

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