Healing Art Making Workshops

As an art therapist, I strongly believe in the empowerment that comes from art and play, and the mental health benefits that stem from it. I am certain that all humans are artistic at heart, and that everyone can express themselves through art in their own unique way.

Everyone is welcome in my workshops regardless of skill level. I provide a calm, safe, meditative atmosphere, solid structure, gentle instructions, and absolute freedom to experiment.

All of my programs are available online and in-person.

I always preface my workshops with saying:

"I am not an art teacher. I am not here to teach you how to draw. I am here to make a space for the creativity that you already have within yourself".

Wellness for Adults

Online workshops

starting at $200+hst

In person workshops

starting at $350+hst

Art therapy workshops are not a substitute for seeking individual therapy but can be a beautiful space for self-expression and healing.

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Hope series*

This series focuses on enhancing our relationship with hope, gratitude, and self-love.

The participants will learn a new perspective of positively connecting with themselves and the world.

1-6 workshops

Discovery series*

This series provides a safe space that allows you to deepen insight of your inner parts, and explore your goals, dreams, and emotions.

The participants will learn about themselves.

1-6 workshops

Coping series*

This series offers plenty of time for soothing art making, connecting with others, and learning helpful coping strategies to regulate emotions.

The participants will learn new coping strategies.

1-6 workshops

"Amazing experience with an incredible human.
Put a smile in my soul <3"

- Thais

Informed art facilitation 

for teachers, recreation therapists, support staff, PSWs, nurses, teachers, and parents

Learn basic art therapy principles to create mindful art making spaces for groups, clients, and students. In this course, you will be introduced to core techniques to create emotional safety, ideas for wellness art projects, and participate in brainstorming discussions.

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Private events

Enliven your birthday party, wedding, or next celebration event with the gift of connection through the arts. Let's co-create a healing art-making space that brings your guests closer together and sparks meaningful reflection.

Frame your art at the end and hold it as a keepsake that marks your special day.

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Corporate wellness

Boost morale between co-workers and strengthen company spirit through creative collaboration.

Healing art making is a great way to celebrate your employees and make space for reflection, slowing down, and relaxation. Wether you have a big corporate team or a small company event, we can design a space that meets your goals.

Choose from:
- Collaboration boost session
Self-reflective session

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Do you need a guest speaker?

I'd love to collaborate to fit the needs of your classroom, panel, event, or workshop.

Let's talk about art, creativity, therapy, illustration, murals, art therapy, psychology, the universe, spirituality, meditation, ADHD, art school, Polish culture, and more!

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Wellness for mental health professionals

This is a great option for counsellors, social workers, therapists, coaches, support staff, nurses, PSWs, and recreation therapists.

Making space for honest reflection, boundary setting, and addressing burn-out through art making with a guidance of a fellow therapist.

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Parent/caregiver workshops

Wondering how you can create a meaningful connection between yourself and your child or loved one? I believe that the first step is to let go of expectations and connect with ourselves. Allow me to lead you in a space of exploration that will help you understand your loved one's needs.

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Long Term Care consultations and assessments

If you are a LTC home or retirement home, you might want to try a private consultations for your staff, clients, and programs. I provide professional assessments and direct feedback for therapeutic boundaries and informed program execution that can enhance the services you provide to your residents.

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"I had the opportunity to watch Natalie run a set of art therapy sessions at a retirement home with a group of seniors. It was amazing to see her engage with the participants and to see how each opened up to the experience. She engaged each individually and as a whole to create a very open and comfortable environment. Each participant came away with an uplifted attitude and talked about the session for a time after. They were so proud of their art! It was so valuable to them, and also to be able to watch. Thank you!"

- Nicole

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Themed workshop offerings:

My Body, My Story

Duration: 1.5-2h

Join Natalie in a safe space workshop where you’ll learn how to create an empowering version of a self portrait with ink and tell YOUR story through visual imagery.
During the painting process you’ll look at yourself with a newly found kindness and appreciate your own body as a sacred temple and a real work of art. This workshop will focus on body positivity and a variety of inking techniques. 
*basic supplies

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Tree of Life

Duration: 1h

Over the course of this workshop, the participants will get to create their own tree of life while being gently guided by the instructor. 
Step into the realm of healing art making and discover new parts of yourself through drawing, journaling, and self-reflection. 
Take the time to deepen your insight to calming music and enter a sense of flow through your own inherent creativity.
*basic supplies required

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Manifesting dreams

Duration: 2h

In this workshop, I will take you on a delightful adventure of dream manifestation through art making! In our creative space, we will make 3 very special collage cards to support your dreams.

This workshop is a structured art-making session for anyone who enjoys creative self-expression. No previous art experience or fancy supplies are necessary. The aim of the workshop is to allow you to connect with your dreams and assist you in the successful manifestation of the life you want to live. When you allow authentic images to emerge from within, they have the power to shift your mindset and emotions.

You may expect to engage on a few different levels: through individual art-making and journaling, guided visualization, practical teachings, the chat, and sharing in small groups. You will have time to explore the workshop content in any way you wish. While this session is structured to enhance flow, I trust that you will know exactly what to do.

*basic collage supplies required

Emotional landscapes

Duration: 1.5h-2h

Have you ever wondered what the landscape of your soul looks like? In this workshop, you will use your favourite art supplies of choice to dive deeper into the emotional connection with your inner land. We will explore the themes of seasons and weather patterns in a variety of emotional landscapes.

*basic supplies required

Intergalactic Inks

Duration: 1.5h-2h

Over the course of this workshop, the participants will learn the many experimental techniques of India ink and go home with a gorgeous piece of art. This highly pigmented media can create fabulous textures on watercolour paper and become a magical background for your intergalactic artwork. Techniques such as egg drop, bloom, bleed, wet on wet, and wet on dry will be introduced, and once the ink is dry, they will allow for a creation of a highly personalized cosmic landscape filled with stars, constellations, and faraway galaxies. 
*specific art supplies required

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