Hi, my name is Natalie. I'm an Art therapist and psychotherapist. 

I'm so glad that you're here! 

I help my clients resolve the consequences of past trauma in order to reconnect with their minds, bodies, and souls. In my sessions, I provide a warm space for you to explore what lies beneath the surface.

I invite creativity to our sessions to allow you to feel more present. We might talk, write, draw, cry, and laugh together. No art experience or elaborate supplies are necessary. 

I believe that everyone is creative and that your body already holds everything that's necessary to heal.  

If you are interested in gaining more insight into your thoughts, feelings, and patterns, and are willing to commit to change, I am here for you. Let’s work together to find the source of the issue that’s stopping you from living fully in the present moment.

My credentials: CRPO license #11686, RP (Qualifying), DTATI
Currently all individual sessions are online.

Is my approach for you?

My approach can be a good fit if you: 

- enjoy art
- experienced trauma
- see yourself as creative
- struggle with anxiety
- want to feel more present
- want to let go of perfectionism
- verbal therapy has not been effective
- feel stagnant in your progress
- struggle with low self-esteem
- feel stuck
- want to challenge yourself with a different therapeutic modality
- are ready for change
- suspect (or know) that you have PTSD, GAD, OCD, ADHD

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My offerings:

Art psychotherapy

If you enjoy creative self-expression, art, or identify as a visual learner, this option is for you. 
It is a mix of verbal therapy and drawing (25%) + art homework.

No art experience necessary!

$120 per 50m session

weekly or biweekly

limited sliding scale spots available

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Talk therapy

The old school verbal therapy approach incorporating mindfulness, attachment theory, and somatic experiencing.

$120 per 50m session

weekly or biweekly

limited sliding scale spots available

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Consultations for artists

If you're a new, emerging, or established artist who is fighting with artist block, feeling lost in your style, needing advice on entrepreneurship or mentoring in developing your artistic career, this is an option for you!
Together, we will co-create a space to cater to
your exact needs and artistic goals.

one-off consultation, weekly, or monthly

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Sessions for art therapy students

Are you a potential or current art therapy student? Would you like to personally experience the power of individual art therapy sessions? Do you want to know how it feels like to be in your future client's shoes before you begin offering sessions?

This option is a mix of 
psychoeducation, experientials, and processing. 

series of 3-5 sessions

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Resonance check

It's hard to tell from reading an online profile whether I am the therapist, guide, or mentor for you. I believe that it's very important to hear each other's voice and feel the energy that is created when we connect before committing to a relationship.

Feel free to Book now or fill out this form to get in touch at any time! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Talk soon,

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