Hi, my name is Natalie. 
I'm your millenial art psychotherapist with ADHD.

I’m so glad that you’re here. 

My personal healing journey has led me to honour the power of art in the therapeutic process and better understand the complexity of human experience. As an artist and art therapist, I call upon creativity to help my clients resolve the consequences of past trauma and reconnect with their minds, bodies, and souls.

In my sessions, I provide a warm space for you to explore what lies beneath the surface through drawing, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, and somatic-based techniques. No art experience or elaborate supplies are necessary. Having worked with clients of many walks of life, I can confidently say that everyone is creative in their unique ways and that our bodies already hold everything that's necessary to heal.  

If you are ready to gain more insight into your thoughts, feelings, and patterns, and hope to shift out of feeling stuck, I am here for you. Let’s work together to find the source of the issue that’s stopping you from living fully in the present moment.

My credentials: Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Art therapist (DTATI), CRPO license #11686

Professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association

Is my approach for you?

My approach can be a good fit if you: 

- enjoy art
- experienced trauma
- find it hard to "feel" your feelings
- struggle with anxiety
- want to feel more present
- want to let go of perfectionism
- verbal therapy has not been effective
- feel stagnant in your progress
- struggle with low self-esteem
- feel stuck
- want to challenge yourself with a different therapeutic modality
- are ready for change
- identify with ADHD, PTSD, GAD 

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Art psychotherapy

If you enjoy creative self-expression or identify as a visual learner, this might be a good fit for you.

It's best described as a mix of talking, art making, emotional processingmeditation, and mindfulness.

$140 per 50m session

weekly or biweekly/ online only

Covered under most insurance plans under "psychotherapy"

Who is this for? adults and young adults 18+

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What should I expect from an art psychotherapy session?

Please bring any art supplies that you have available. A pen and paper will work, too!

You can expect to engage in mindfulness and somatic exercises, breath work, as well as journaling and art making invitations. I will guide you into art at important moments in our session to capture the essence of what we are exploring. All of these exercises will be surrounded by conversations about your concerns, feelings, and goals. 

This is a judgment free zone for your art. I am not an art teacher and I will not comment on your technique or artistic ability! I will, however, get curious about the personal meaning behind your work. Whether you are a professional artist or you have never made art, my doors are open. No art experience is necessary.

Energy block clearings

Based on the Slavic teachings passed down to me by the women in my family, I offer a unique approach to clearing energy blocks.

It's an experience that combines somatic meditationritualsage cleansingart-making, energetic release, crystals, oracle cards, spirituality, and connection to the universe.

This is not a therapy session.

Each session is unique and will be catered to your specific needs.

$200 per 1h or $250 per 2h session

in person session in Kingsmill Park (May-September 2024)

Who is this for? adults and young adults 18+

women and non-binary folks only, queer friendly

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"Having a session with Natalie is exactly what my mind and soul were needing✨ Natalie is so welcoming, incredibly kind, and knowledgeable. I felt very understood and validated during our time together. The energy healing we did was so beautifully intentional and I felt cleansed and awoken with new purpose afterwards ✨✨  Her words are spot on; she is intuitive and wise with the most caring, gentle energy💕 highly, highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking for some deep healing and insight into themselves! ❤️"


Resonance check

It's hard to tell from reading an online profile whether I am the therapist, guide, or mentor for you. I believe that it's very important to hear each other's voice and feel the energy that is created when we connect before committing to a relationship.
Feel free to book now or fill out this form to get in touch at any time! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Talk soon,

Photo credit Becca Berri @studioberri

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